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That’s a Wrap!! Forest Dreamers Irvine Style

What an AWESOME year as Forest Dreamers! We were able to experience every season on the trails and witness the changes at Irvine over the past year! WOW!!  Continue Reading »

Art & Science of the Land: Week 12

5/21/2019 Today we finished talking about our last land artist of the semester, Jayson Fann.  Jayson Fann builds large scale bird nests.  These nests are so large that  Continue Reading »

Searching for the Headwaters! Forest Dreamers Tuesday/Thursday

The Algae Ponds This Forest Dreamer class LOVES water! I don’t think I can say this enough 🙂 Whenever we have the chance, they request to play in  Continue Reading »

Spring is in the Air- Forest Dreamers Monday/Wednesday

What’s that Peeping Around? One reason that I love working at Irvine is because I discover new things every day! With springtime approaching,  many plants and animals are  Continue Reading »