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Art & Science of the Land: Week 12

5/21/2019 Today we finished talking about our last land artist of the semester, Jayson Fann.  Jayson Fann builds large scale bird nests.  These nests are so large that  Continue Reading »

Art & Science of the Land: Spring Week 6 and 7

4/2/2019 Over the last few weeks we have been learning about land artist Michael Grab who uses rocks to make amazing, gravity defying structures.  Today we transitioned to  Continue Reading »

Art & Science of the Land: Week 4

3/19/2019 In anticipation of meeting our first land artist of Spring we started introducing rocks and minerals.  Can you guess what natural material our land artist uses?  Find  Continue Reading »

Biomimicry: Burrs and Frogcicles

Welcome to everyone!  Today was our first day of Earth Friends Biomimicry class!  It’s going to be a really exciting semester where we get the opportunity to explore  Continue Reading »