Urban Education

Irvine’s Urban Education Program is composed of five strands that support Irvine’s goal of reaching a wide-ranging audience of students, teachers and community members in Baltimore City:

  1. Growing Green Leaders

    This program develops close and meaningful relationships with both students and teachers with the goal of increasing environmental literacy and awareness. Irvine works with teachers to create extension units that align with current curriculum but challenge students and increase their environmental literacy. Through hands-on experiments, customized stewardship projects, and outdoor field studies, students are exposed to content and experiences that are not found in the general curriculum and allow them to make real world connections to their existing curriculum.

    Irvine also acts as a resource, guiding schools who wish to pursue Green School Certification through the Maryland Association of Environmental and Outdoor Educators, assisting with student environmental clubs, and providing customized professional development for teachers.


  2. Teacher Professional Development

    A large goal of Irvine’s Growing Green Leaders program is to assist teachers in becoming confident and competent science teachers. Through pre-service and practicing teacher professional development Irvine works with elementary and middle school teachers to increase their content knowledge in the sciences, increase their effectiveness in teaching science, and create more meaningful opportunities for students to act as true scientists. See more information on our For Teachers page.


  3. Nature & Nurture

    This program provides a blend of professional development, modeling best practices and technical assistance for five Baltimore City preschools serving low-income neighborhoods to help them add nature-based learning to their programming.


  4. Nature in the Classroom

    Thanks to grant funding, Irvine can provide a limited number of programs for teachers in Baltimore City Title One Schools. Learn more on our Nature in the Classroom page.


  5. Green School Consulting

    Irvine staff can provide assistance for schools applying for Maryland Green School certification. The Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE) administers a Green School program. Schools interested in being selected as a Maryland Green School must complete an application that documents the school’s environmental programs and activities during a two-year period. Awards are presented in the spring. Irvine staff can provide assistance for schools wishing to apply for Maryland Green School certification.




  • Maximize environmental education through interaction with students and educators
  • Meet the instructional guidelines of City schools with a curriculum that supports STEM requirements and State and National Standards
  • Place particular emphasis on working with City students and urban residents who may have limited experiences with nature


Want to know more about these programs? Contact Irvine’s Manager of School Programs & Urban Education Brittney Mulka at 443-738-9214.