For Elementary Teachers

Teacher professional development is at the core of creating environmentally literate students. Irvine offers several professional development courses that focus on content knowledge, curriculum development and resource connections.

Irvine offers several workshops for elementary teachers:

  • Project Learning Tree (trees and forests) uses the forest as a “window” on the world to increase understanding of our environment while stimulating critical and creative thinking.
  • Project WET (aquatic resources) promotes knowledge, awareness, appreciation and stewardship of water resources.
  • Project WILD (wildlife) provides wildlife-based conservation and environmental education that fosters responsible actions toward wildlife and related natural resources.
  • Flying WILD (wildlife) is an educator’s workshop celebrating birds. Geared toward middle school students, with student- and volunteer-led activities. This workshop will be held on Saturday, May 20, 2017.
  • Growing Up Wild & Project Learning Tree: Early Childhood provides an early foundation for developing positive impressions about nature and lifelong social and academic skills. This workshop will be held on Saturday, January 14, 2017.
  • WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands provides a resourceful and creative collection of wetland activities, information and ideas. This workshop will be held on Saturday, April 1, 2017.
  • Environmental Leader Series is a course designed specifically for grade 2-5 Baltimore City Public School Teachers. This course will introduce teachers to greening in the classroom, cross-curricular ideas for getting students outside, and practice in integrating environmental education across the curriculum. Each teacher will receive the Project Learning Tree, Project WET and Project WILD manuals, plus many more resources to assist them in the classroom, as well as one AU credit!
  • Animal Adaptations, Habitats & Classification uses Irvine’s extensive live and preserved animal collections to create many hands-on, STEM-focused activities for use in the classroom and on the schoolyard. 15 hours/1 credit.

Teacher Workshops

Irvine is devoted to creating teacher programs that are relevant and meaningful, and your input is crucial. Send us your ideas and we will see what we can do! For more information on teacher professional development programs please contact Irvine’s Manager of School Programs & Urban Education Katie Roof at 443-738-9214.