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Wetlands and Meadows- Forest Dreamers Monday/Wednesday

March 31, 2019 -

Our First Frog!

Today was an AWESOME day for our Forest Dreamers to be on the trails! The forest is waking up and the animals are starting to emerge. Every day we get to see something new!

When we gather in the Glen, our children often scatter and find several things that interest them.  You may find children hitting sticks on logs, building teepees, making squirrel homes, and recently, creating a fairy house! One of our Dreamers has become especially interested in fairy houses and can be found gathering supplies to leave behind a home for our magical woodland friends.

Next, we made our way down the Vernal Pond trail (my personal favorite) and were amazed by the growing skunk cabbage! The vibrant greens stand out against the brown wetlands. Our time consisted of several groups climbing fallen trees, digging in muddy waters, and searching for signs of wildlife. Today, we were not disappointed to find a crawfish hole, a GIANT worm, and our first green frog of the season.

In Search of Sunshine

This crew is slowly starting to venture further away from the nature center. We make slow progress oftentimes because so many things crab our attention…the fallen log, the worms under leaves, or the trickling water.  Today, we wanted to take advantage of the sunshine and a new place that the kids could explore!

To sunflower meadow we went.  Everyone LOVED this destination because there were old sunflower stalks that they could hit, kick, karate chop, and knock over! For once, the children could swing sticks around and no one told them to stop 🙂 Several of our friends decided they wanted to build a fort in the meadow. After several failed attempts, they soon realized that they needed some supplies to make this work. Shovels, string, and sticks are on the list to bring next time.

The remains of a turtle shell was an impressive discovery. We recently added some new toys to our class and several of our friends took advantage of the magnifying glasses to closer inspect the pieces of the shell. Sometimes it takes slowing down and getting close to the ground to find the coolest things!