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We Are Planet Pals

September 30, 2011 - Preschool Weekly

Savannah makes a shelter to care for her little animal.

This Week’s Adventures: We defined Earth and spent time exploring and discovering ways to care for Earth.

Paxton spies a mushroom.

Favorite Activities: We met our class “pets”, hundreds of baby horseshoe crabs, which we will raise and release in May. We discussed the special habitats where they are found on Earth. Every child got to name a horseshoe crab, too. We aslo sorted unwanted items headed for the trash and determined how each item could be used in a new way. Children practiced writing and painting “E” and brainstormed a list of more “E” words such as egg, eagle, ear, and eel.

Aiden makes a twig shelter for his little animal.

Next’s Week’s Theme: Animal Clues

Lucy inspects her earth shelter.

Try this at home: Discuss something special that your family can do to care for the Earth (or the plants/animals that live here). Ideas include collecting litter on a neighborhood walk (make sure discarded items are safe for your child to pick up), filling bird feeders, or planting a tree.

Christopher captures daddy-long-legs for a closer look.

Feeling Fall Comin’ On,

The Nature Preschool staff