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Make Way for Frogs

April 13, 2012 - Preschool Weekly

This Week’s Adventures: We tromped through the forest and wetland in search of wiggly tadpoles and hippity hoppity frogs. We were lucky enough to spot several tadpoles during our travels! We listened to various frog calls and learned more about the resident wood frog tadpoles we are raising in the classroom. We played ZAP to learn about frog metamorphosis and made glorious froggy life cycle art. We wrote the letter “Jj” for jump, played leap frog, and musical frogs (instead of “musical chairs” we searched for a lilly pad to sit upon). As you can tell, this week class was really hoppin’!

Next’s Week’s Theme: Earth Day, Every Day (focus on letter “Yy”)

Try this at Home: Host an outdoor jumping contest! Measure how far you can leap in one hop, five hops, or ten.