December 11, 2011 - Preschool Weekly

This Week’s Adventures: The students spent time learning about communities and the important jobs that make up a successful community. We also compared human communities to natural communities and what they share in common.

Favorite Activities: We loved creating a map of our classroom community and trying on several careers during Imagination Station time. We got a special tour of Irvine Nature Center to learn about some of the jobs people do here (Mr. Wally, who drives the tractor, is a superstar!) and we learned how to mail a letter with the fabulous Miss Evelyn. We also used our imaginations to become artists, musicians, police officers, construction workers, chefs, and teachers during our time in the Outdoor Classroom. There were a few superheros in the mix, too!

Next’s Week’s Theme: Counting to Winter (focus on letter “Nn”)

Try this at Home: Learn about careers! Write a letter to a special Aunt or Uncle asking about his/her profession (or use Skype if a visit isn’t practical).  Note jobs of people you commonly see this week and thank them for their help (grocery store clerk, trash collector, postal worker, waiter, bank teller, etc.)

Humans are part of the natural community. We live alongside animals like deer and strive to share and care for the natural community.

Miss Evelyn teaches us how to place stamps on envelopes to mail them.