This Week’s Adventures: We used our sense of sight to spy all kinds of things!

Favorite Activities: We focused on the letter “Ss” so a sticky table of eye spy items (like seeds and sequins) was in order. We made soft string “Ss” cards and did rubbings to create a print of our sand “Ss”. We also made “I Spy” jars and binoculars to go spy animals in the forest. We even met a live screech owl!

Next’s Week’s Theme: Our Grateful Hearts (focus on letter G)

Try this at home: Take a walk outside and use your binoculars! How many different things can you spy that start with the letter “Ss”? Make a list together.

Here is Our Favorite Things powerpoint that we shared with families during a recent event. There are dozens of photos, so it will take a few seconds to load. These are more great examples of how the children actively learn through our nature-based curriculum!