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The Wonders of Irvine

October 3, 2018 - Forest Dreamers, Preschool

This week we set out to scout ideas for our friends next week! We walked at a quick pace since we knew we wanted to explore some streams and ponds further away from the Nature Center. We arrived at the stream marveling at the newly fallen red maple leaves. What a burst of color on the forest floor! Ms. Kelly noticed a baby garter snake as soon as we arrived at the stream. He quickly slithered under some debris attempting to hide himself.

We continued to explore the stream beds and noticed some invasive poke berry. What do you do with poke berries but paint of course?!? Our friend created several cards to send to friends and family using the mashed berries, painted berries, and even hand stamped berries! Some lucky family will be sure to enjoy these homemade treasures.

As we continued to the ponds, we noticed a black “blob” on a tree. Image our surprise when we noticed a praying mantis with a bumble bee in her grasps. She wasn’t happy with us at first as she glared our way. However, she soon resumed enjoying her mid-day snack.