February 23, 2013 - Preschool Weekly

This Week’s Adventures: We discoverd the miracle of maple sugarin’ as we hiked through the forest in search of maple trees.

Favorite Activities: We compared twigs to learn about opposite and alternate branching to identify maple trees. We gathered sap from tapped trees to add to the evaporator (the special oven where sap turns into syrup). We discovered animals that also enjoy sap, like the yellow-bellied sap sucker, and sang song of its praises. We even painted twig bouquets to celebrate winter trees!

Next’s Week’s Theme: What’s Hatching? (“Hh”)

Try this at home: Search for the horizontal holes drilled in the side maple trees.

a maple sugaring adventure sap-suckers have toothbrush tongues! how do sap-suckers slurp bugs with their toothbrush tongues? measuring holes after drilling into log checking the sap buckets at the maple tree testing out the hand drill hand drill used for tapping a maple tree kids practice using the hand drill friends on a winter hike more friends on a winter hike enjoying the winter sunshine a berry discovery! a sugar cube house! painting twigs for a bouquet building with loose parts in the Outdoor Classroom maple leaf rubbing in nature journal mud, heh heh visiting the sap bucket yep - it's sap! crazy teacher love! looking for "M" lending a hand checking the sap bucket collecting sap from tapped trees pouring sap into the evaporator