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Roots, Trunks and Leaves

October 13, 2013 - Preschool Weekly

As the forest bustles with fall changes, we turn our thoughts to what trees do in autumn. Some of our favorite tree investigations this week included acorn and leaf printing, rubbings made on tree rings, outdoor leaf play, and tree exploration in the rain. “Mother Nature Did you Sneeze” and “I’m a Nut” were favorite songs. Notice all the ways we examined seeds, too!

seeds in salt dough seeds and leaves in salt dough seeds in salt dough project cut paper tree rings in the rainy autumn woods exploring a tree in the rain fun on the fall trail catching rain drops exploring wet fall leaves painting fall trees gathering walnuts walnuts down the chute! what's inside a walnut? making a salt dough relief with seeds sorting fall clues by color fall-inspired paintings fall inspired painting fun in the rain wild nature play (nevermind the rain!) climbing an uprooted tree balancing on a tree trunk examining tree parts fall seeds in the sensory table what's under a wet log? tree parts and tree ring tracings in nature journals playing in the Outdoor Classroom seeds in salt dough sculpture