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Owls and Other Wise Guys

January 18, 2013 - Preschool Weekly


This Week’s Adventures: We fluttered through the week learning about owls and other nocturnal animals.

Favorite Activities: Meeting the real barred owl was the highlight of the week! Children got a close look at her talons, feathers, eyes, and beak. We also compared taxidermy specimens of other owls (like barn and screech owls) to the barred owl. We examined a bat mount and discovered ways bats and owls are alike and different. Our handprint owl art was spectacular, complete with feathers! We also examined the tiny bones found inside owl pellets and even made our own pellets (cough, cough!). During our trail hike, we searched high and low for owl roosts in the trees and search for those amazing owl pellets.

Next’s Week’s Theme: Under the Snow (“Uu”)

Try this at home: Listen for owl calls outside at dusk, or listen to them from this Cornell Lab of Ornithology website. This is a fun link to an owls field guide app, too!