February 1, 2013 - Preschool Weekly

This Week’s Adventures: Snow was all around!

Favorite Activities: We loved reading Jan Brett’s ever-popular The Mitten story and used puppets to fill our giant mitten as we acted it out. We searched for tracks in the snow and even watched how painted turtles hibernate and arise in spring. We searched for tracks in the snow and also met a resident painted turtle. We found a cache of stones and transformed them into snowman totems along the trail, too!

Next’s Week’s Theme: Snowy Science (“Cc”)

Try this at home: Search for animal tracks in the snow and count how many different kinds you spy!

ice and crystal sorting game stacked snowman totems enjoying a cold day the sewing table bear skin and fur she's a bear! inside our milk jug igloo peek-a-boo in the milk jug igloo jumping in the winter meadow jumping on log jumpers stone snowman totem