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Make Way for Frogs

March 22, 2013 - Preschool Weekly

This Week’s Adventures: We discovered traits and habits of amphibians – namely frogs!

Favorite Activities: From frog puppets to frog skeletons we learned all about their amazing adaptations. We also disovered their transformation from egg to tadpole, froglet then frog (metamorphosis) and did a breathing experiment with a tadpole. (No animals got hurt in this experiment!) We searched the wetland, wet woods and stream listening for spring peepers and looking for signs of eggs. We had hopping contests and measured who could hop the farthest and met several of Irvine’s frogs with Miss Laura. And yes, we even spotted a green frog down by the stream!

Next’s Week’s Theme: Spring is in the Air (“Ww”)

Try this at home: On a mild night, open the window to hear spring frogs calling.

happy lil' tadpole frog easel painting searching in the vernal pool listening for frogs chillin' in the log green frog! exploring the wet woods looking for frogs a little discovery more exploration scooping in the pool searching for salamanders cool tadpole experiment (how does it breathe?)

sensory table with tadpoles sensory table with frogs frog inspired art toad! searching for tadpoles stream searchin' F is for frogpit stop at the wigwam using a magnifier stream searchin' bones! The Firefly class