January 8, 2016 - Preschool, Preschool Weekly

It finally feels like winter! Nature Preschool was overjoyed to get outside and explore the changes that came with this cold weather! We observed the bare forest, saw our breath, and found frost and ice all around!  The children discovered they could melt frost off pieces of mulch by blowing hot breath on them or by clutching them tightly in their warm hands. The most exciting encounters this week were at the stream! The children used large sticks and rocks to break up pieces of ice to flush out the freezing water underneath!

Some of our favorite moments this week:
-The Fox class built a fire and experimented by placing ice chunks in it to see what would happen!
-The Bears built ti-pi structures with frosty logs!
-The Flying Squirrels hiked to the stream underneath the bridge and were so excited to explore ice!
-The Coyotes found giant ice chunks and held them up to their faces! They loved how silly it made them look!
-The Chipmunks found frost and ice in the outdoor classroom and had a parent visit the classroom to read  a story!
-The Rabbits enjoyed using the snowballs and parachute to create winter snow! They made flurries, snow showers and a blizzard!

The cold weather has us really wishing for snow! Until then, check out all the fun we had below!

In winter chill,

Nature Preschool at Irvine Nature Center