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Forest Dreamers Spotted Exploring Trails

September 8, 2016 - Preschool


News Flash!!!

There is a new program in town! The Forest Dreamers Program is Irvine’s new all outdoor immersion program!

Forest Dreamers were spotted on the trails of Irvine’s property this past Tuesday and Thursday morning singing, building, racing, climbing and learning all about the great outdoors!

How to spot a Forest Dreamer:

1.) Forest Dreamers love their families. On Tuesday they were seen gathering with their family members adding to a ‘family stew’ (which was a mish mash of deliciously interesting trail items and shareable personal traits). Each Forest Dreamer family brings something special to this exciting group.

2.)They would be able to tell you about a new word- decomposition. It’s a fancy word for ‘rotting wood’. They would also be able to inform you about vibration which is a fancy word for buzzing.

3.) Forest Dreamers are very helpful beings. They were seen helping Miss Sophie push a heavy wagon (full of snacks and water bottles) down a hill. Teamwork is the best!

3.) Forest Dreamers would be able to share all about the many uses of sticks. Since sticks are ALL over the trails, it was very easy for them to compare and contrast sticks as well as brainstorm all of the ways they could use and imagine with sticks on their walk. There is photo evidence of these young adventurers wrapping and decorating their sticks with yarn. A great book addition by Miss Sophie (It’s Not a Stick by Antoinette Portis) had them really thinking about different uses for their sticks!

4.) Spicebush is not only abundant on the trails, but it smells very good (some reported that it smelled like a pear!). Identifying a spice bush at Irvine would be a piece of (spice) cake! 🙂

4.) Some FDs would be able to let you know about an edible plant called a plantain. They are EVERYWHERE in the meadow. The reason they know about this edible plant is due to the tummy rumblings of some friends that wanted an early snack. In fact, it was noted that there was a vote followed by a foot race in regards to the time snack should be eaten. Since the ‘later’ vote won, the remaining hungry folks  had to forage a bit to tide them over! FDs now know that a big breakfast before hitting the trails is a MUST for energy!

5.) 3 or 4 little climbers were spotted on a fallen tree by the gazebo. Forest Dreamers love to climb!

6.) FDs are starting to learn about primitive skills. They learned about how important it is to stay quiet when stalking their prey as not to scare them away!

So if you spot a group of Forest Dreamers on your walk through Irvine, make sure to say hello – tilt your head back and give them a great big wolf sized “AROOOOOO!” and they will say it back to you!

Carry on, Forest Friends!