Nature Preschool is feeling powerful! The children love super powers and heroes. So this week, they were especially excited to discover that creatures in nature all have powers that make them special. They are called adaptations. We brainstormed about different kinds of powers and then thought about which animals have might have them. Which animals can fly? Which can walk up walls? Which have night vision? We enjoyed having Irvine’s naturalists visit our classrooms and share more about animal adaptations. The children met live animals such as an owl, snakes, turtles, millipedes and  hissing cockroaches. What a wild week it’s been!

Some of our favorite  class moments:
-The Chipmunks were excited to learn about the power of worms! They discussed how worms are incredible super heroes because of their composting powers! They checked out the compost bin and went on a worm hunt! They also read, The Lorax and made a variety of truffula trees inspired inspired by Seuss!
-The Foxes were excited to meet Irvine’s wood turtle. They noticed he was missing a foot and our naturalist explained he may have lost it when loose fishing line wrapped around his leg. Later on our hike, the foxes found a piece of fishing line on the trail! They were quick to throw it away and felt like real heroes of the Earth, saving turtles at Irvine!
-The Coyotes were so excited to make a list of powers! A class favorite was “walking on walls.” We met the millipedes and watched them crawl upside down! They also enjoyed designing their own super heroes inspired by animals!
-The Bears hiked to the stream and spotted signs of spring along the way – birds, buds, butterflies and more! They enjoyed a special visit from an Irvine naturalist, who introduced them to a lovely hedgehog and taught them how to use their bear super powers!
-The Flying Squirrels glided down the access road where they traced their bodies, “wings” and all, and decorated super sized version of themselves! This inspired a game they created called, “Munchietown”, where they all had to escape as fast as they could! A class parent shared an extra special moment with the class when they brought in their baby chicks! The children loved stroking their soft feathery down.
-The Rabbits had a new friend join their class! They explored the outdoor classroom and went for a hike. One day they started the story, The Lorax by Dr. Seuss,  inside the classroom. Later they went for a hike and finished under the sun in Irvine’s meadow. They had fun designing their own super hero headbands and were ready to save the Earth!

Next week we will continue to explore the power of the natural world! We will look more into creature adaptations and also the powers within all of us! What powers do humans possess that make us special? We will find out! Until then, check out the super good time we had in our galleries below!

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