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Cooking…FINALLY!: Forest Dreamers (Tuesday/Thursday)

December 13, 2018 - Forest Dreamers, Preschool

Our Fall semester of Forest Dreamers is coming to an end! We have been talking about cooking with this crew for some time…especially since they LOVE to eat! Last week, we gathered at the fire pit and prepared to cook toffee apples over the fire.  Even our Forest Dreamer friends who claimed not to like cooked apples enjoyed this special treat!

Next we tried making “Bread on a stick” (Bannock) with our Forest Dreamers. The children enjoyed reading the recipe and then mixing all the ingredients. We even got some singing into the process!  “‘Dough’ a deer, a female deer, ‘Ray’ (melted butter) a drop of golden sun…” This brings back memories of one of my favorite songs growing up!

While we were waiting for the fire to die down, we played a game in the grass requiring our silent stalking skills! This group doesn’t always play “organized” games because they are so busy. They are typically exploring, creating, climbing, and making up their own games.  This game involved an “owl” guarding her nest from the hungry “snake” who had to steal it and run away before she heard him. This game was fun to play with the group and they soon were found chasing each other around with the “egg”!