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Birds & Blooms in Spring

May 17, 2014 - Preschool Weekly

Just what do nature preschoolers do in Spring? Here’s what emerged this week as we discovered habits of birds in spring:

  • making a nests out of cat tail fluff
  • making binoculars with toilet paper rolls (it never gets old!)
  • finding “wormies”
  • creating worm homes in mud puddles
  • exploring the wetlands and making mazes through the cattails
  • tallying the birds we observed in the meadow
  • checking in on a tree swallow nest
  • making observational drawings of birds
  • scooping, measuring and pouring bird seed in the sensory table
  • sharing letters from our pen pals at the Audubon Nature Preschool in birding adventures


DSC02890    DSC03034    DSC03108   

Image    DSC03070