Camping at Irvine

Camping is a great way for youngsters to get in touch with nature, and for them to get back to basics. In the great outdoors, kids can revel in the simplicity of just being kids. And they love it!

Overnight camping is allowed on Irvine’s property¬†with a reservation. Check out our Camping Flyer for more information.¬†


  • Picnic Tables: they can be relocated, but must remain in the camping area and returned to original location, if moved.
  • Tenting area: Tents can be placed anywhere in the mowed area in front of the barn. Camping on the trails and outside of the campground is prohibited.
  • Covered Barn
  • Fire Circles: In front of barn. Firewood provided. Cannot collect wood from the property. Keep fires to a reasonable size using best judgment and wood provided.



  • Drinking water
  • Electricity
  • Trash bags
  • Matches


Registration is required for all groups camping at Irvine. Reservations are made by contacting Tara Lilley at 443-738-9211. She will provide you with a contract and Irvine’s rules and regulations, as well as the Leave No Trace principles.

The registrant must be at least 18 years of age and is responsible for the conduct of all campers. A complete list of campers and a copy of photo ID of the group leader must be provided. At least one adult (over 18) must be listed and present for every 10 children.


Family/Scout Groups
1-50 people | $10 per person

Standard School Group (4 p.m. to 9 a.m.)
Up to 40 students | $2,000

Extended School Group Experience (1.5 days)
Up to 40 students | $3,000

Non-overnight Campsite Rental
Up to 50 people | $50 per hour

50 is the maximum allowable number on our site at any time.
Plus a $50 refundable security deposit.