For children and adults alike, often the most popular attractions at Irvine are our animals. There are more than 70 animal residents of Irvine, representing 34 different species indoors, and hundreds more, outdoors. Our animal collection includes a variety of creatures donated that are unable to sustain themselves in the wild. Many of the animals can be found in the Piedmont.

To learn more about our residents, please visit our exhibit hall or learn more here.

Art Exhibitions

At Irvine, we encourage creative expression which helps people connect with the natural world. We infuse creative arts into many of our programs and special events, including rotating art exhibitions in the main corridor and Fern Rooms.

View our upcoming exhibitions and learn more here.


Seeking paintings, drawings, prints or other 2-D mixed-media artwork that depict nature in Maryland.

For more information about artwork at Irvine, contact Courtney Sagal at 443-738-9224.