Irvine Nature Center  |  April 19, 2019 – May 19, 2019  |  All skill levels

Irvine Nature Center’s bird watching competition returns April 19 through May 19 — this year with exciting new prizes! Whether you’re a brand new birder or an experienced bird watcher, participating in Bird-A-Thon is easy — and your efforts benefit both Irvine Nature Center and our work to protect native birds. Simply follow the steps below to sign up, grab your field guide, and head out to watch ’em all!

New To Birding?

Download our Backyard Bird List

Experienced Birder?

Download our Experienced Bird List

Want A Challenge?

Download our Maryland Bird List

Bird-A-Thon Rules and Sign Up


Download the appropriate bird watching list for you. Families and new birders should use the Backyard Birding List; veteran birders should use Experienced Bird List; those looking for a challenge should use the Maryland Bird List.

You may bird watch as an individual, a family, or form a team to maximize your bird watching (teams of adults are limited to six individuals; school groups and children have no limit). All Bird-A-Thon bird watching activities must occur between April 19, 2019 and May 19, 2019.

Head to Facebook and join Irvine’s Bird-A-Thon Group. This is the place to share your photos, connect with other bird watchers, and get updates about Bird-A-Thon contests and prizes.

Record your bird watching adventures, share your bird photos, and post your completed list to our Facebook group no later than May 19, 2019. You may also photograph your list and email it to no later than May 19, 2019.


We believe that birding should be fun! As a result, Irvine’s Bird-A-Thon event will reward birders who get out and see lots of native species. Our Bird-A-Thon Facebook Group is the place to watch for announcements, contests, and acknowledgement of prize winners.

There will be one Grand Prize awarded in each list category: Backyard, Experienced, and Maryland. There will also be one Super Grand Prize for the individual, family, or team who is able to raise the most money for native species conservation at Irvine Nature Center.


Irvine Nature Center’s staff and volunteers work tirelessly year-round to ensure that our property is a haven for native species of all kinds. Efforts like Bird-A-Thon bring awareness to our beautiful birds, animals, and insects — and we also hope — generous donations that can help us maintain our grounds throughout the year. Those wetlands won’t restore themselves, after all!

As a result, we are asking for donations from our Bird-A-Thon participants who want to compete for our very cool Bird-A-Thon contests and prizes. With your donation, you’ll be eligible for awesome prizes like bumper stickers, hats, t-shirts, and unique one-on-one birding experiences. Your bird watching efforts directly support Irvine’s work to protect native species. We think it’s a win-win (literally)!

Complete one of the following to secure your Bird-A-Thon prize and contest eligibility:
1. Make a one-time donation on the secure form below
2. Select the “I’ll pay later” option on the secure form below and ask your friends and family to sponsor your bird watching efforts for Bird-A-Thon. You can then donate to Irvine at a later date either online or by check.
3. Set up a Facebook fundraiser for Irvine Nature Center to engage your friends and family

Questions? Please contact Linsdey Kaplon at