Irvine Summer 2020:

Families Engaging Remotely with Nature


With families spending more time at home this summer and looking for new things to do, consider subscribing to our new Family FERN Boxes and have the wonders of nature brought right to your door! Each month Irvine will send you a fun-filled nature box, loaded with materials and activities that can be completed in your own backyard or neighborhood and engage the whole family. Each box will be designed around a particular environmental theme, such as Birding, Experiments, Gardening, and more. There are twelve different themes in all, so no two FERN Boxes will be the same.

We offer three different plan options to suit your level of interest: a month-by-month plan, a special three-month summer plan, and a full-year plan. Boxes will be shipped during the second week of each month. To receive a month-by-month box, you must sign up by the first Thursday of that month; this allows our staff time to prepare boxes to be shipped the following week. Rates are as follows:

Fern Boxes

Frequency Price 10% Discount 20% Discount
Month by Month Plan $35 + s/h $31.50 + s/h $28 + s/h
Summer Plan $30/month= $90+ s/h $81 + s/h $72 + s/h
Yearly Plan $25/month= $300 + s/h $270 + s/h $240 +s/h
Know someone who would love this as a gift? Gift Subscriptions are available.

Just click the “This is a gift” option and enter the recipient’s name and shipping address.


Have a young camper in your life who is disappointed about being unable to attend Summer Nature Camp this year? Our Camp FERN Boxes may be just the solution you need. Twice the fun of our Family Boxes, Camp Boxes arrive twice a month and are catered to the age of your camper. TREKKER Boxes are intended for young campers, between the ages of three and six; RANGER Boxes are designed for campers from ages seven through twelve. Both boxes include materials and activities designed for fun and environmental learning. They also include links and passwords to log in to special virtual events hosted by Irvine Staff and Guest Speakers.

You can order Camp FERN Boxes for a particular month (2 boxes per month) or, save by signing up for the full summer plan (6). Each month’s boxes will have specific nature-related themes, chosen from among our most popular topics from past summer camps. Those themes will be:

Trekker Boxes

(Ages 3-6)

Ranger Boxes

(Ages 7-12)

June – Wild Wings and Animal Olympics
July – Space Cadets and Imagineers
August – Wetland Wonders and Nature Nuts
June – Raptor Keepers and Animal Caretakers
July – Stargazers and Naturally Creative
August – Nature Engineers and Stream Searching

Boxes can be shipped to your door or you can save the shipping costs by picking up your two boxes for the month in person at the Irvine tent between 9:00 and 10:00 am on the following Monday mornings: June 8th, July 6th, and August 3rd. In order to receive Camp FERN Boxes for a particular month, you must sign up by the Monday prior to these three pick-up dates; this allows our staff the time to prepare boxes to be shipped or picked up the following week. Rates are as follows:

*s/h = $15 OR Free w/ pick up

Fern Boxes

Camp Boxes (2 Boxes per Month + Special Virtual Events)
Frequency Price 10% Discount 20% Discount
Month-by-Month Plan $70.00 + s/h $63.00 + s/h $56.00 + s/h
Summer Plan (3mos) $65/month = $195 + s/h $175.50 + s/h $156 + s/h
SPECIAL OFFER: All Trekkers and Rangers who register for the complete Summer Plan will receive a FREE Irvine summer camp bandanna.

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