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Kitchen Medicine: Therapeutic Uses of Spices Beyond Flavor

April 9, 2022 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


We will explore how culinary therapeutics works beyond simply making our food taste better. This class will cover the medicinal qualities of some of the most common cooking herbs and spices. Perhaps you use herbs regularly but didn’t know they had medicinal benefits, or you don’t use many herbs in cooking but would like to start. Beyond flavor or cultural preference, have you ever wondered why salt and pepper is added to nearly every meal we eat? Or that they even had medicinal attributes? Have you ever wondered why pungent herbs like rosemary and thyme, or cardamom and cumin, are some of the most commonly used culinary herbs? Beyond flavor, why does sushi always come with ginger and wasabi? Why are cinnamon and nutmeg used in apple pie? We will explore the medicinal qualities of culinary herbs and what they offer in terms of beneficial bioactive compounds for aiding digestion, circulation, assimilation of nutrients, and protection against unfavorable microbes. Herbal medicine is everywhere you look. It’s with us even when we think it’s not. As we discuss specific herbs, we will also take some time to taste and interact with each of them. Age 16+ Each participant will go home with a sample pack of herbs and a few recipes to try at home. 

Instructor: Alyssa Dennis, Clinical Herbalist