Happy Birthday Amy Jean Boebel

Support Irvine's Barred Owl in her honor

Irvine Nature Center is honored that Trustee Amy Jean Boebel has chosen to celebrate her birthday by fundraising for our resident Barred Owl.

The Barred Owl has been one of Irvine’s most popular animal ambassadors since its arrival in 2003. Irvine’s Barred Owl is an example of what can happen when humans interfere in the development of hatchlings. She was taken from her nest as an owlet and hand-raised by a well-meaning human. Unfortunately, human care resulted in her never developing the necessary skills to be a wild owl. She is what is considered an imprint, meaning she identifies with humans rather than her own species, having no fear of people and a lack of connection with other birds. Barred Owls (Strix varia) can live up to 18 years in the wild and 20-30 years in captivity.

Irvine is home to over 50 Animal Ambassadors that are with us as a result of injury, illness, or human intervention. Each animal receives excellent care and enrichment, and serves as an essential part of our educational programming. Each animal has a story, and their stories help Irvine’s Naturalists and Educators teach both children and adults about the impact that humans can have on native animal species.

The ongoing care – including food and supplies, enrichment activities, and veterinary care – is costly. Please consider supporting our Animal Ambassadors with a donation.


Irvine Nature Center is proud to be awarded a Four-Star Charity ranking by Charity Navigator.