Group Policy

Any group comprised of 10 or more individuals (including children) MUST schedule their visit in advance of their arrival on Irvine’s property. This is to ensure that we know you’re on our property in case of emergency, and to ensure that our public spaces are not overcrowded during our busy seasons. Groups will be required to check in at the front desk located in Irvine’s main building upon arrival. To account for Irvine’s staff time, the group will be charged $5 per person for their visit. Payment is due at the time of arrival.

To register your group or ask a question, please contact Tara Lilley at 443-738-9211.

If your group would like to schedule an additional hour-long program with an Irvine Naturalist, there will be an additional $125 fee.

available programs for groups:

  • Maryland’s Native Plants Benefits of Maryland’s native plants and the problems posed by invasive exotic species
  • Ferns of the Forest Ecology, adaptations and identification of Maryland’s woodland ferns
  • Wildflowers: Fact & Folklore Ecology, legends and folklore of Maryland’s wildflowers
  • Nature’s Sweets: Maple Syrup & Honey Making maple syrup and collecting honey with an emphasis on honeybee behavior and maple tree ecology
  • Winter Tree Identification Identify trees based on their buds, bark, branching pattern and overall shape (offered November – March)
  • Gardening for Birds Various methods of attracting birds to your backyard focusing on the planting of native trees and shrubs
  • Silent Wings Maryland’s Owls: Behavior, ecology and conservation of Maryland’s most common owls
  • Attracting Bluebirds Natural history of the Eastern Bluebird highlighting ways to attract these and other cavity nesting birds
  • The Secret Lives of Backyard Birds Identification, behavior and ecology of Maryland’s common garden birds
  • Mysteries of Migration A review the current knowledge on bird migration and navigation
other nature topics
  • Attracting Butterflies Natural history of Maryland’s common butterflies and the plants that can attract them to your garden
  • Native Pollinators The important role bees, butterflies, moths, beetles and other local plant pollinators play in the environment
  • Good Bugs for the Garden Which insects are good to keep in your garden and why
  • Seasons of Nature Wonders of nature throughout the year focusing on wildflowers, birds, maple sugaring, insects and fall colors
  • Signs of Spring A look at Nature’s busiest season with an emphasis on woodland wildflowers, butterflies, bird songs and nesting
  • Going Green Current environmental problems (e.g., pollution, climate change, acid rain) and simple strategies to help solve them
  • Wild Animal Survival Using live reptiles, amphibians, birds and other animals, this demonstration focuses on their ecology and adaptations for survival. Maximum: 60 people
  • Maryland’s Native Americans The pre-colonial Native Americans were closely tied to the land for all their needs. This program examines their use of natural resources and their survival skills. Maximum: 50 people

Unless otherwise indicated with an asterisk, the cost for these programs is $150 onsite and $175 offsite. There is an additional charge for traveling expenses for groups outside of Baltimore County or City. Programs can be held at Irvine or elsewhere. For more information or to register for a program, contact Tara Lilley at 443-738-9211.

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