Trout in the Classroom


What is Trout in the Classroom (TIC)?

TIC is an environmental education program that allows students to raise Salmonoids (Trout and Salmon) from eggs to fingerlings in the classroom and then release them into a nearby stream or river. Caring for the fish allows students the opportunity to learn about water quality, stream habitats, water resources, and fosters a respect for watersheds and the overall environment. In Maryland alone, over 120 school participate each year!

Irvine’s Role

Irvine became a facilitator of the TIC Program last year (December 2019). Visitors to the center, along with our Preschool and Homeschool groups were able to watch and assist with the care and maintenance of the eggs we received on December 13th. Unfortunately, due to COVID, the entire experience was cut a bit short. The fingerling Trout were released April 30th into Morgan Run with adoring fans of the program tuning in on our Facebook Livestream of the event. Three of these Trout were retained back at the center and have become a pivotal role in the growth of the program at Irvine.

The Virtual World

Partnering with the Maryland Chapter of Trout Unlimited (MDTU), Irvine is now the host site for the brand-new Virtual Trout in the Classroom Program. While our building may still be closed, our Preschool and Homeschool children are able to learn great lessons from the three adult Trout left from last year’s batch. And thanks to our wonderful TIC Volunteers, Tom Giannicini, Jim Tingey, and Chuck Dinkel, we have set up an entire website page dedicated to continuing the project while in a virtual age! Now schools, not only in Maryland, but in the entire country can experience raising Trout from the comfort of their own homes. Check out for more information on this virtual project.

Interested in Watching our Trout’s Journey?

Trout Cam:

Fans of our Irvine videos should check out these Trout, Wetland, and Watershed educational videos. A new video is posted bi-weekly.


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