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Bat House

At a recent Hamilton Green Club meeting, we put up a bat house. To prepare, we learned why bats are important. Bats eat mosquitoes and crop eating insects.  Continue Reading »

Valentines to the Earth

We have now visited Sinclair Lane twice for their Green Club meetings. The first visit just so happened to be on February 14. What better way to start  Continue Reading »

Growing Green with Sinclair Lane

Irvine Nature Center has chosen it’s next Growing Green Leader partner. In the next year and a half, Irvine will be working with Sinclair Lane Elementary school to  Continue Reading »

Owls: Hunters of the Sky

Recently, Irvine’s screech owl took a trip to visit one of Hamilton’s 4th grade classes. She was helping Ms. Katie teach the class about owls and their adaptations.  Continue Reading »