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Will Fletcher’s Eagle Scout Project

June 20, 2015 - Irvine Volunteers

Have you ever counted the scutes (scales) on a turtle’s shell? According to one Native American legend, the scutes on an old turtle’s back carry the secret of the changing months and seasons. This past weekend, scout Will Fletcher, along with Troop 706, constructed a turtle patio inspired by this legend in Irvine’s Outdoor Classroom. The design of the turtle includes 13 stones in the middle of the turtles back, representing the months, or moons, and 28 stones along the edges, representing the days of the month.

This patio will be used used daily by the preschool, campers, and visitors! Thanks again and congratulations to Will Fletcher and Troop #706!

If you are interested in completing your Eagle Scout project at Irvine, please contact Kim Scotto.