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Volunteer of the Month!

June 30, 2015 - Irvine Volunteers

July’s Volunteer of the Month is Sophie Nasrallah! Sophie is a Junior at St. Paul’s School for Girls, and she volunteers in our Animal Care department. (Sophie also holds the exclusive honor of being the only high-school aged volunteer to work in Animal Care.)

For the past 2 years, Sophie has volunteered on weekends feeding, cleaning, and monitoring the health of Irvine’s animal collection. Sophie also interacts with visitors and answers any questions they have about the animals or their care. Laura Soder, Animal Care & Exhibit Coordinator, says Sophie is “one of my most reliable volunteers, and very detailed in taking care of each of the animals.”

One weekend in mid-June, the Animal Care refrigerator began leaking Freon. Sophie, along with her parents Grace and David, were quick to clear out the area and donate and install a new refrigerator. Erin Goodloe, the staff member onsite during the fridge incident, said: “I am constantly impressed by Sophie’s passion for environmental stewardship, frequently learn new things in our conversations, and now am very moved by the kindness of her family.”

Congratulations to Sophie, and thank you for all that you do!


Sophie, on left, showing the leucistic rat snake to visitors.