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Volunteer of the Month-May 2017!

May 2, 2017 - Irvine Volunteers

May’s Volunteer of the Month is the sensational Gayle Parnell!

Gayle Parnell is a sensational volunteer who volunteers in many areas of Irvine including Eco-Explorers and as a Volunteer Naturalist. Gayle has volunteered over 400 hours at Irvine Nature Center and is a crucial piece of the Irvine Volunteer Team.

Irvine’s Manager of Public Programs/ Naturalist, John Tapscott stated, “She volunteers with Eco-Explorers at the Garrison Forest School and creates exceptional classroom discipline and structure. She is an incredible field trip leader and I love seeing her lead in person”

Irvine’s CCC Member, Haley Schanne said, “She’s rad and deserves the volunteer parking space since she’s here all the time. She not only volunteers for so many field trips, she is always kind, helpful, and an endless source of wisdom and encouragement when she is there to help with field trips.”

Gayle has volunteered her time at Irvine both during the week and on the weekends. Her passion for the environment and education is truly remarkable.

Congratulations Gayle! Thank you for your love and enthusiasm for Irvine!