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Volunteer of the Month-March 2017!

March 7, 2017 - Irvine Volunteers

March’s Volunteer of the Month is the Incredible Dennis Sullivan!

Dennis Sullivan is an incredible volunteer who works our Earth Friends Program as well as our Forest Dreamers Program. Dennis started volunteering at Irvine this past fall and has become an integral part of our volunteer team.

Irvine’s Head of Homeschool Programs, Stephanie Holzman said, “Dennis takes awesome photographs of the kids hiking, exploring and investigating! He sends them to us to help with homeschool documentation and sometimes, we teachers are in the photos! That usually doesn’t happen as we are the ones behind the camera. Dennis will also quietly work with children if they are on the fringe of an activity.”

Dennis is a prompt, reliable and an enthusiastic new volunteer to Irvine. He is always ready to engage with students and that is something Irvine truly values.

Congratulations Dennis! Thank you for your love and enthusiasm for Irvine!