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Volunteer of the Month- January 2018!

January 5, 2018 - Irvine Volunteers

January’s Volunteer of the Month is the sensational Naim Bailey!!!

Naim is an incredible volunteer! Naim first came to Irvine in 2015 with the CCBC Owings Mills Post-Secondary Functional Academic Learning Support Program as known as Vince’s Crew. Once he graduated from the PSFALS program, he still came to Irvine to volunteer with his grandmother. Even when Vince’s Crew is unable to come to Irvine, Naim and his grandmother still come and make sure Irvine looks great!

Irvine’s Volunteer Coordinator, Diana Roman, said “Naim and his family come to Irvine every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday like clock-work. Naim performs many tasks at Irvine that keep our volunteer program running smoothly. Not only does he fill the bird feeders at our bird blind and clean-up trash on the Irvine property, he and his family also clean the exhibit hall, wash work gloves, and take on any project I ask of them.”

Naim Bailey is a fantastic volunteer and helps make Irvine a better place. Naim and his family have a passion for service, the environment, and for Irvine’s mission.

Congratulations Naim Bailey! Thank you for your dedication and love for Irvine.