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April 24, 2020 -

You’ve been stuck inside too long!  You’re in need of a ‘nature fix.’

You need a solution to this current state of isolation . . . YOU NEED AN ISOLUTION!



Well . . . it’s here!


In case you’ve missed them in earlier blog posts, here are some very helpful resources to get you started:


  • A short motivational youtube video about the City Nature Challenge




  • The index of all species that have been documented on iNaturalist from the Baltimore region thus far (far from complete, but may help you identify things; click on the word ‘observations’ and you’ll see the actual documentation for each species)


  •  A detailed list of FAQ’s regarding the City Nature Challenge–anticipates pretty much any question you may have!




1. Go put on your (yup, it’s been awhile, huh?), 


2.  Grab your or your (you’ll need to download the iNaturalist App, but that’s easy!)


3.(Yes, it’s ok to do this.  Just socially distance yourself.)


4. Find some   

5. And

Then YOU can be a CITIZEN SCIENTIST by uploading your photos to iNaturalist and helping document the natural diversity of the Baltimore area for the 2020 CITY NATURE CHALLENGE!  Be a part of something BIG, something INTERNATIONAL, something ecologically IMPORTANT!  Join us!