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Mud pie kitchen

June 11, 2015 - Irvine Volunteers

This weekend, Irvine’s annual Nature Preschool Conference attracted over 100 educators from across the country. Saturday, after a fun day of programming, a group of volunteers stayed into the evening to participate in a service project- constructing a Mud Pie Kitchen! The kitchen, which will live in Irvine’s Outdoor Classroom, is made completely of reused and upcycled materials (with the exception of the screws to hold it all together!).

We used two palettes to form the base and back of the kitchen. Irvine frequently receives palettes with deliveries, but they can also be obtained for free through websites like Craigslist or Freecycle. All pieces were first checked for potential hazards and sanded thoroughly. Re-purposed floorboards cut to size were used to create the counter and frame for the sink. The notched edges of the boards held the lip of the sink perfectly and securely!

And finally, what good is a kitchen without any tools? Preschool parents donated not only pots and pans, but muffin tins, sifters, and rolling pins! The kitchen is now fully stocked for campers and visitors this summer.

Thank you to our incredible volunteers!