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June 2, 2017 - Field Trips

By Haley Schanne, 2016-2017 Chesapeake Conservation Corps Member

Not even the rain can wash away a great time here at Irvine Nature Center! Some of the most interesting and elusive creatures can only be found on rainy days.

School groups become scientists for the day with Irvine’s Creature Features school field trip. We ask the question, ‘Are animals that live in the forest different or the same as animals that live in the meadow?’, and then send our students out to investigate! Hiking through both the forest and the meadow, students have the opportunity to observe and interact with animals in their natural habitats, brainstorm their various adaptations, and compare the animals they find. We even wrap up the trip by ‘transforming’ a lucky student (or teacher!) into an incredible creature!

Below are some photos from one of our rainy Creature Features, showing that there are always wonders to behold outdoors, especially on wet days. Watching students faces light up with delight as they find animals in nature makes the day sunny enough for us!