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Caleb Hobby’s Eagle Scout Project

May 25, 2016 - Irvine Volunteers

This spring, Caleb Hobby from Troop #143 completed his Eagle Scout project at Irvine! Caleb was exploring Irvine this winter and noticed that our education hut was in need of repair. A tree limb had fallen through the roof, and the floor was rotting away due to rainfall. It was definitely dangerous and was roped off so that visitors could not enter.

Typically, scouts will approach us and ask if we have any projects they could work on, however, Caleb knew exactly what he wanted his project to be! He and his troop worked on the education hut for two days, first removing the rotted floor, and then installing the new floor. By using higher quality materials and installing a deck-like floor (instead of the particle board material originally used), Caleb has ensured that the education hut will be safe and accessible for years to come! He and his troop also removed the tree limb from the roof, which will be replaced in June. In the meantime, the education hut is back in business for visitors, preschoolers, and summer camp!

We were incredibly impressed with Caleb’s maturity and hard work on such a challenging project. Thank you so much to Caleb, his family, and Troop #143!