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Bee-lieve it or Not!

May 3, 2017 - Field Trips

By Haley Schanne, 2016-2017 Chesapeake Conservation Corps Member

The warm weather is here to stay, and with it a unique and treasured group of animals arrives – the pollinators!

Students have the chance to get up close and person (safely!) with the bees and butterflies during Irvine’s Bee-lieve it or Not school field trip from April to May in the spring. Exploring Irvine’s vast meadows, students observe pollinators in their natural habitat, act out the pollination process through interactive games and activities, and experience the connection between pollinators, plants, and people. People would have next to nothing to eat without the hard work of pollinators!

Below are some photos buzzing with all fun the students have on their pollination adventure. When all the wonderful fruits and vegetables of the season end up on their plates, these students will “bee” sure to thank their new pollinator friends!