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Backyard Nature Challenge . . . Second ID ‘Quiz’

April 14, 2020 -

So, did everyone get off to a great start on the first ID challenge?  Hopefully you correctly identified:

  1. Red Fox*
  2. Eastern Box Turtle
  3. Common Eastern Bumble Bee
  4. Great Blue Heron
  5.  Poison Ivy (y’all better know this one!)
  6.  American Dog Tick
  7.  Mallard (male)
  8. American Bullfrog*
  9. American Holly
  10. White-tailed Deer
  11. Monarch*
  12. Bald Eagle

*Photos taken right on the Irvine Nature Center property

Keep a running score at home as we roll into day 2 of our ID challenge . . .                     


Now we’ll make things just a wee bit more difficult, as this next set of photos contains some species that aren’t encountered quite as often.  Still, these are fairly common organisms throughout the Maryland Piedmont and shouldn’t stretch your identification skills too much (yet!)  Remember, feel free to use field guides and confer with one another, as needed.

CLICK HERE when ready!