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Apex Tool Group’s Volunteer Day

June 23, 2016 - Irvine Volunteers

This June, 23 employees from Apex Tool Group visited Irvine for their first annual Week of Service! The team worked on several projects throughout the day including invasive plant removal and set up for Irvine’s endowment celebration dinner.

First, we got to work pulling invasive plants, focusing on garlic mustard, Canada thistle, and mile-a-minute. The team cleared a hillside of invasives, leaving room for the native milkweed and jewelweed growing there to thrive. They weeded the entire campfire ring which had become overgrown with thistle. Aside from being unsightly and invasive, the tall thistle made for a fire hazard! The group also cleared over 1 mile of overgrown trails.

After lunch, the team removed an enormous downed limb from the Outdoor Classroom, then got to work on event setup! After rolling the tables down to the party site, they set up lanterns and other decorations. The event would not have been such a big success without their help.

A big thanks to the employees of Apex Tool Group!