Nature Preschool Conference


Nature-based preschools are re-focusing the lens on early childhood education. Join us for the fourth annual conference to address the unique benefits and challenges of nature-based curriculum in early childhood programs.

Attendees will participate in engaging workshops under the following strands:
1.    Nature Immersion and Wild Nature Play
2.    Nature-based Learning in Urban Settings
3.    Best Practices and Curricula in Nature Preschools

Network with participants from across the country to share and grow the EECE movement! See where professional development intersects with teacher retreat during an inspiring weekend.

Conference-Goers Had This To Say:

  • “The networking was great! The workshops were very educational and inspirational.”
  • “Inspired me to keep trying despite setbacks or parental resistance – learn from your mistakes!”
  • “I really appreciated the “curriculum”/skill connections and the AH-HA about allowing for freedom, risk-taking and engagement.”
  • “I enjoyed the whole experience!”
  • “There were many concrete and practical ideas for the classroom. I loved seeing ideas from The Nature Preschool open house.”
  • “Your classrooms were inspiring. The grounds are beautiful and your outdoor classroom was great.”
  • “Superior training and Irvine staff!”
  • “Best preschool conference I’ve been to!”
  • “Excellent job! I was very impressed with the whole conference.”
  • “I loved everything and will be back.”