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Eco-Explorer Adventures!

Eco-Explorers is an exciting, after-school nature club for students in grades K-5.  The program gives children a chance to get outdoors and explore while focusing on the excitement  Continue Reading »

What Does The Fox Say?

Love is in the air!   With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, the stores are filled with chocolates, roses, and hearts that people are purchasing in order to woo potential mates.  Continue Reading »

Where Do Bugs Go In The Winter?

While many people don’t look forward to the icy roads and shoveling snow that winter always brings, many are happy that all of the bugs have died for  Continue Reading »

Volunteer of the Month-February 2017!

February’s Volunteer of the Month is the Fantastic Valerie Lannen! Valerie Lannen is a stupendous and wonderful volunteer and she has been volunteering at Irvine for the past 3  Continue Reading »