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Bracing for the Deep Freeze…

Over the past few weeks, the Eastern Shore has been battered by frigid temperatures, snow, ice, and wind. As a human, it is absolutely treacherous outside! But what  Continue Reading »

Volunteer of the Month- January 2018!

January’s Volunteer of the Month is the sensational Naim Bailey!!! Naim is an incredible volunteer! Naim first came to Irvine in 2015 with the CCBC Owings Mills Post-Secondary Functional  Continue Reading »

Annual Volunteer Update: 2017!

Volunteers of Irvine Nature Center did some incredible work this past year! Here’s a look into what we’ve done: PumpkinFest was a HUGE success this fall! 120+ volunteers contributed  Continue Reading »

The Hedgehog and The Ark: A holiday story from Irvine

Once upon a time there was a big storm that caused flooding throughout the land. The animals and children searched for shelter from the rain. They found it  Continue Reading »